User Guide

Welcome to the BounceBit Water Margin Event, getting an early access to experience staking on BounceBit and accumulating points and rewards. This guide walks you through the process of participating in the Water Margin Event.

1. Visit and click on "Join Early Access".

  1. Early access is invite-only. Enter your invitation code if you have one.

  1. Connect your wallet.

  1. Choose your preffered currency to start staking. To be eligibile for drawing points and receiving rewards, you must deposit at least $10 worth of tokens.

  1. Once you've successfully deposited at least $10 worth of tokens, you can start drawing points from the hourglass.

  1. When you click "Draw" under the hourglass on the left, you'll receive points which accumulates with each draw. The more points you have, the higher you're ranked on the leaderboard and more chance to get exclusive rewards.

*Additionally, points earned by your invites give you an additional 10% credit in your own points. To get invite codes, follow @bounce_bit on X (previously Twitter) to stay tuned.

  1. As you progress with drawing and accumulating more points, you'll also get to draw different levels of boost cards and swift cards on the right to grant you extra rewards such as bonus points or less wait time between point draws. Check the Rules page to learn more details about the cards.

  1. The higher the points you accumulate, the higher you'll be positioned on the leaderboards. Points are a direct reflection of your team's performance and invitee activities. Strive to maximize your points through point draws, invitee achievements, and successful use of Boost and Swift cards to climb the leaderboard ranks.

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