Bitcoin on BounceBit (BBTC)

BTC Tokens from the native Bitcoin Chain and various EVM-compatible Chains can be bridged into the BounceBit ecosystem. Most notably, BTCB on Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) and WBTC on Ethereum are supported. BounceBit aims to support all sound BTC asset types.

Once transferred, these tokens are uniformly mapped and represented as BBTC within BounceBit, ensuring consistency and ease of use across the platform. Cross-chain transfer of BTC is handled by the BTC Bridge, infrastructure validated by BTC restaking.

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Role of BBTC

Bitcoin acts as an additional ecosystem token to BounceBit. It serves as anchor to bootstrap the BounceBit network. It's low volatility, deep liquidity and high accessibility makes it suitable to act as foundational assets that secures and EVM network.

BBTC is BTC on BounceBit chain, it can be seen as wrapped version of Bitcoin, with enhanced functionalities that allow the utilization of BTC beyond being a store of value. BounceBit unlocks staking and restaking for Bitcoin.

BounceBit natively supports liquid staking for BBTC. BBTC holders can stake their funds with node operators and receive a liquid staking derivative (LSD) as receipt for their contribution. This LSD can be restaked to infrastructure like BTC Bridge, oracles, data availability layers and more.

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