Liquid Staking Token (stBBTC & stBB)

BounceBit natively provides a Liquid Staking smart contract. If you stake your BTC or BB, you will receive a Liquid Staking Token (LST). This LST is like a voucher that testifies that you are delegating your assets to a validator.

Currently there are two LSTs you can acquire:

  • stBB, the LSD of BB

  • stBBTC, the LSD of BBTC

stBB Token Address: 0x22aAC17E571D6651880d057e310703fF4C7c3483

stBBTC Token Address: 0x7F150c293c97172C75983BD8ac084c187107eA19

These derivatives will later be able to be restaked to Shared Security Clients (SSC) to aggregate security and unlocking the liquidity of the staked assets, hence the name liquid staking. They can also be redeemed for the tokens they staked (plus/minus a share of rewards and penalties).


LSTs can be redeemed at all times on by unstaking. You first request a redemption and after 24h you can claim. Follow this guide:

pageHow to Stake/Unstake BB and BBTC (Delegation)

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