How to Deposit / How to get BBTC, BBUSD

This guide will walk you through on how to deposit your assets on BounceBit.

Follow this straightforward process to securely deposit your funds and start exploring all that BounceBit has to offer. After depositing on BounceBit, you will automatically get your Liquid Custody Token on the chain you deposited with. For example if you deposit USDT on Ethereum, you will get BBUSD on Ethereum, which you can then bridge to BounceBit Chain.

Learn more about Liquid Custody:

📤pageLiquid Custody

1. Go to

2. Click on 'Connect wallet' to connect your wallet with the portal.

3. Choose the network that corresponds to the currency you wish to deposit:

  • BNB Chain: BTCB, USDT (BEP-20)

  • Ethereum: USDT (ERC-20), WBTC

4. Type in the amount of currency you wish to deposit into the provided field.

5. Click on the ‘Approve’ button to allow BounceBit to access your funds for the deposit.

A pop-up will appear asking you to confirm the transaction in your wallet.

6. Congratulations! Now, you have successfully deposited your funds into BounceBit.

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