🪙BB Coin

There are no official BB coins yet. NO official pre-sale, pre-market or other token offerings are ongoing at the moment. Beware of scams!

The native asset of BounceBit is called BB. The total supply of BB is capped at 2,100,000,000 (two billion and one hundred million coins). This number is consciously chosen as a nod to the total supply of Bitcoin at 21 million. A part of the total supply will become liquid at Mainnet launch, and the remaining coins are distributed as future stake rewards, or are vested over the next years.

The BB coin has several purposes on the BounceBit platform:

  • Stake BB to actively participate in the PoS Dual-token staking mechanism.

  • The coin is paid out as staking reward to validators who secure the network.

  • BB is the denomination of the gas fees that are required to conduct transactions and execute smart contracts.

  • BB can be used as liquid and versatile currency on the BounceBit platform. It can be used in various applications and infrastructure, as medium of exchange or store of value. Furthermore it has functionalities that enable composability, interoperability and cross-chain compatibility.

  • Use BB to participate in on-chain governance, e.g. voting on protocol upgrades.

There will only ever be 2,1 billion BB coins. The amount of tokens is chosen to scale with all cryptoeconomic activities on the platform, as more and more users will join the network. Additionally, the BB coin acts complementary to Bitcoin, being deeply woven into the Bitcoin ecosystem.

In the future, various burning mechanisms are not precluded. Their implementation would be facilitated through platform governance.

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