Ethena <> BounceBit

We have partnered up with Ethena to ship a new groundbreaking high-yield product in DeFi.

You will earn sUSDE yield, ENA rewards, BB rewards and 5x sats/day towards Ethena’s ongoing Sats Campaign. In one product.

To participate you will need BBUSD on BounceBit Chain.


  • BB rewards are accumulated every 4 hours

  • sUSDe yield is accumulated every week 4PM UTC

  • ENA rewards will be settled at the end of the Sats campaign. Refer to Ethena's announcements

  • Unstaking is available 7 days after staking

  • Unstaking takes 7 days to complete

How to participate:

Skip I. and II. if you already have BBUSD on BounceBit Chain.


1. Go to

2. Click on 'Connect wallet' to connect your wallet with the portal.

3. Choose the network that corresponds to the currency you wish to deposit:

  • BNB Chain (coming soon): USDT (BEP-20)

  • Ethereum: USDT (ERC-20)

4. Type in the amount you wish to deposit into the provided field.

5. Click on the ‘Approve’ button for the deposit.

A pop-up will appear asking you to confirm the transaction in your wallet.

6. Congratulations! Now, you have successfully deposited your funds into BounceBit.

II. Bridge your BBUSD to BounceBit Chain

Since node staking rewards are exclusive to BounceBit Chain, you have to bridge your LCTs over first.

  1. Switch to the ‘Bridge’ tab.

  2. Select the asset and chain you are bridging from, enter the amount you want to bridge and click “Bridge Now” to confirm the transaction.

3. Confirm the spending cap and approval transaction in your wallet.

4. Confirm the bridging transaction.

Congratulations you successfully bridged to BounceBit Chain. You will see the balance in the wallet you used, unless you specified otherwise. Remember to switch to BounceBit Mainnet and add the token to your wallet to see your balance. Check your transaction on!

BBUSD (ETH,BSC,BB): 0x77776b40C3d75cb07ce54dEA4b2Fd1D07F865222

III. Stake your BBUSD with Ethena

  1. Navigate to the 'Ethena' tab.

  2. Input the amount you wish to stake and click on 'Stake'

  1. Approve the transaction in your wallet and you are all set!

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