Stablecoins on BounceBit (BBUSD)

Only Token Address (BSC, ETH, BB): 0x77776b40C3d75cb07ce54dEA4b2Fd1D07F865222

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Stablecoins from various EVM-compatible Chains can be bridged into the BounceBit ecosystem. Most notably, FDUSD on Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) and USDT on Ethereum are supported. BounceBit aims to support all sound stablecoins.

Once transferred, these tokens are uniformly mapped and represented as BBUSD within BounceBit, ensuring consistency and ease of use across the platform. Cross-chain transfer of stablecoins is handled by bridges.

Role of BBUSD

BBUSD acts as an additional ecosystem token to BounceBit. It serves as liquid and versatile currency on the BounceBit platform. It can be used in various applications and infrastructure, as medium of exchange or store of value

BBUSD is the LCT of FDUSD & USDT on BounceBit chain, it can be seen as wrapped version of those stablecoins.

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