🔐Shared Security Clients

Shared security clients (SSCs) are the applications of Restaking that will drive the ecosystem towards its full potential. SSCs could be various sidechains, including fast finality layers, data availability layers, virtual machines, keeper networks, oracle networks, bridges and much more.

The term encapsulates any system that can benefit from a validation semantic achieved by BTC Restaking.

The integration of SSCs will unlock a plethora of opportunities for ecosystem participants. SSCs play a pivotal role in accelerating the pace and breadth of open innovation by harnessing smart contracts to borrow trust from the Bitcoin network.

Users with BTC on BounceBit are presented with multiple options on how to make use of their tokens:

  1. Delegate their tokens to Validators — node operators that facilitate the consensus mechanism on-chain. In return, those stakers will receive a Liquid Staking Derivative, stBTC. This staked BTC can be restaked to SSCs to earn additional staking rewards or be used for other economical primitives, e.g. Liquid Restaking Tokens.

  2. Directly stake their BTC to SSCs like bridges and oracles.

  3. Use it to take part in DeFi activities like AMMs, leverage trading, farming and so on

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