BounceClub: Build on BounceBit

Build on BounceBit with the innovative concept of BounceClub

The Underlying Philosophy

The guiding philosophy of BounceBit is deeply motivated by Apple Inc.’s spirit of innovation and commitment to user-centric design. Apple’s success is attributed not only to the functionality of their products but also to their elegant design and user-friendly interface.

Inspired by Apple’s business model, BounceBit aims to revolutionize traditional onchain development methods by introducing the concept of BounceClub and BounceBit App Store. As an integral part of the BounceBit ecosystem, BounceClub is designed to simplify smart contract deployment for everyone and minimize dApp redundancy.

What is BounceClub?

BounceClub is an onchain Web3 universe that empowers everyone to customize, launch, and engage with decentralized applications. A BounceClub owner can customize their BounceClub by simply selecting protocols that are listed on the BounceBit App Store, just like downloading apps from the App Store on your iPhone. The BounceBit App Store functions as a library of Web3 plugins where developers are welcome to apply for listing their smart contracts, just like publishing apps on iOS's App Store. Users who do not own a BounceClub can browse existing BounceClubs and engage in various Web3 activities to earn yield.

How Does BounceClub Work

If you’re qualified to claim and own a BounceClub, setting it up is straightforward: select your desired protocols from the BounceBit App Store, mirroring the ease of downloading apps from the App Store on your iPhone, all without needing to code. In other words, customizing BounceClub is very user-friendly for not just developers but also individuals without coding skills.

For those who do not own a BounceClub, you can browse the BounceClubs created by others and engage in the various Web3 activities provided.

Developers are invited to submit their smart contracts to be listed as plugins in the BounceBit App Store, a process comparable to app publication on iOS’s App Store. Developers have the flexibility to choose from four distinct deployment modes for their smart contracts: 1) Free for all; 2) Exclusive to one or selected BounceClubs; 3) Implementing a deployment fee; 4) Offering rewards, such as airdrops, to BounceClub owners who deploy the contract.

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