How to Mint & Launch Your Own Token

If you haven't claimed and set up your BounceClub yet, check our step-by-step guide on how to create your own Club.

Once you've created your Club, you can explore the features of minting and launching your own tokens.

How to Mint a Token

  1. Enter your Club. In your Club Portfolio, you should see a "Main Dashboard" where the "Token List" displays all the tokens that you've minted within your Club. To mint a new token, click on the "+" icon. Or you can also click on "Token Toolbox" and use the "Mint Tokens" feature to start.

  1. Specify the name, symbol, total supply and decimal of your token. Then click on "Mint a new token" to proceed.

  1. Minting a token requires BB as gas fee. Confirm the transaction within your wallet. Once the transaction goes through, you should receive the notification that "You have successfuly minted a new token."

  2. You can review the information about your new token. Click on the upload icon next to your token name and upload the logo of your token if your want to.

How to Launch an IDO of Your Minted Token via Creating a Token Auction

BounceBit’s "Auction" app offers two types of onchain token auction mechanism executed by smart contracts: Fixed Price Auction and Staking Auction. This app allows BounceClub owners to create your own launchpads and auction the tokens that you've minted.

  1. Enter your Club. Click on "+Add An App" on the navigation bar at the bottom and add the "Auction" app to your Club if you haven't yet.

  1. Click on the "Auction" app. Hit "Create a launchpad" to get started.

  2. Fill in the required basic information and hit "Next".

  1. Specify the required details of your token auction and hit "Next".

  1. You can set your auction to be public or whitelisted. If it's whitelisted, enter the whitelist addresses. You can also distribute a portion of your total raise to partner clubs who contribute to your auction with referrals. Review all your inputs and confirm the creation of your token auction.

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