What is BounceBit App Store?

Accelerating dApp Development and Enhancing Ecosystem Composability

Integral to BounceClub is the BounceBit App Store, a library of diverse Web3 plugins from DeFi, Gaming to SocialFi, AI. Developers are welcome to submit their protocols to be potentially featured on the BiunceBit App Store, just like publishing apps on iOS's App Store. BounceClub owners can personalize their Clubs and provide club members with Web3 activities by selecting and adding apps to their Clubs, just like downloading apps on iPhone. Users who do not own a BounceClub can browse existing BounceClubs and engage in various Web3 activities to earn yield.



  1. Bitswap - an automated market maker (AMM) that provides token swap functionality and liquidity provision.

  2. Bitstable - a decentralized lending protocol that enables users to draw interest-free loans through the collateralization of BTC.

  3. Bitleverage - a decentralized perpetual quanto smart contract that allows users to open long or short contracts by staking any supported token.

  4. Bitstaking - an app for everything related to staking. It facilitates yield generation by enabling the staking of a variety of tokens except BTC and stablecoins.

  5. Fixed Price Auction - a fixed-swap auction, streamlines asset acquisition by setting sale prices in advance, ensuring transparency and fairness in transactions.

  6. Lending - a decentralized lending platform offering a non-custodial liquidity market where users can earn interest by supplying assets or borrow against them.

  7. Sharkfin - a principal-protected investment product leveraging blockchain technology to offer users variable yields based on the performance of underlying assets such as $BTC and $ETH within a specified price range.

  8. DualInvestment - an innovative financial product based on a decentralized protocol, designed to simplify the complex world of options derivatives.

  9. AllDeFi - an end-to-end decentralized ecosystem that allows for frictionless interaction between virtual investors and real world professional fund managers through a set of protocols.


  1. MailZero - a Decentralized Mail Protocol aiming to unify the communication amongst Web2 and Web3.

  2. Chat Room - an innovative approach to digital interactions with its unique chat room feature, designed to deepen the connection between content creators and their audience in a decentralized environment.

  3. Proof of Contribution - a protocol that ensures trust and fairness in a decentralized network by verifying and rewarding contributions from all participants.

  4. Campaign - a blockchain-based credential system, offering users complete control over their achievements and privacy.


  1. Box Stack - an adventure challenging gravity. Cleverly stack boxes of various shapes to build your tower as high as possible. Use your skills to prevent the tower from collapsing.

  2. Falling Blocks - a game of skill and quickness. Align falling blocks in a way that they form lines and give you points. Blocks come in various shapes. Put your reaction speed and strategy to the test.

  3. Shisen-Sho - a treasure-hunting journey to find hidden pairs. Quickly identify and eliminate all identical patterns as fast as you can. This challenge will put your visual acuity and reaction speed to test.

  4. Jigsaw Puzzle - a journey of putting together exciting puzzles. Place fragments together piece by piece to create a completed picture. This game puts your observation skills and spatial imagination to test.

  5. five-in-a-row - a duel of intellect and strategy, where two players compete on who can connect five pieces on the board before the other one does. It is an exciting battle that requires precise calculations and deep thought.


  1. USDX - a synthetic USD stablecoin built for the Bitcoin and wider blockchain ecosystem.

  2. MultiBit - a dual-sided bridge connecting BRC20 tokens to EVM networks and Solana.

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