Premium BTC Yield Generation Directory

BounceBit introduces a CeFi+DeFi infrastructure that secures user funds via the regulated custody of Mainnet Digital and Ceffu while retaining transparent on-chain asset traceability through Ceffu’s MirrorX integration. This fusion capitalizes on dynamic trading platforms, offering users the duality of stringent compliance and expansive financial agility.

Within this hybrid framework, BounceBit collaborates with elite asset management entities to present a Premium feature providing different Funding Rate Arbitrage strategies for BTC and USDT holders to generate interest. These strategies are available to BounceBit users who stake at least 0.1 BTCB/1000 USDT on BounceBit. To learn more about how to use this Premium feature, visit the User Guide on How to Subscribe to Yield Generation.

1. LiquidityTech Protocol (LTP)

LTP leads the way in digital asset prime brokerage, seamlessly connecting centralized and decentralized exchanges while handling over $400 billion in annual trading. Our advanced solutions prioritize safety, speed, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, underpinned by a global presence and robust security measures. LTP serves as your gateway to unparalleled service, trusted by a diverse array of entities, including exchanges, platforms, quant funds, hedge funds, family offices, and professional traders alike.

2. Pythagoras Investments

Pythagoras Investments is a team of quant traders and researchers, computer scientists and money managers with one of the longest upstanding track records (more than 9 years) in digital assets according to PWC report. Pythagoras offers the most comprehensive strategies from arbitrage, long short to trend following with real time audited returns.

Highlights of Pythagoras:

▸ Robust Arbitrage Opportunity Set - Crypto Currency Market as it expands rapidly

▸ Experienced and highly regarded crypto investment team - Pythagoras Team

▸ Repeatable strategies and execution - 8 years of proprietary research and development

▸ Rigorous portfolio management and risk control - 8 years experience in Crypto

▸ Track record of success: 17% per annum audited by KPMG

3. Higgs Capital

Higgs Capital is a distinguished quantitative hedge fund specializing in digital assets, boasting a proven track record with its portfolio managers consistently delivering outstanding results. The fund prides itself on maintaining strict risk controls, never exceeding a 1% weekly maximum drawdown for all its funds while achieving an impressive annual return exceeding 15% over the past year. Managing over 400 million US dollars in assets, including more than 7,000 BTC and 200 million USDT, Higgs Capital has surpassed 10 billion RMB in total funds managed by the team. The firm is supported by a robust team of over 20 experts with deep expertise in mathematics, computer science, and finance. Moreover, as a testament to its innovative approach and commitment to excellence, Higgs Capital provides asset management and quantitative technology services to over 30 institutional clients, establishing itself as a leader in the financial services sector.

4. Trade Terminal

Trade Terminal is an early-mover quantitative trading hedge fund formulating cutting-edge Digital Asset Management. TT empowers quant strategies which have a lower maximum drawdown than holding Bitcoin. As a signature, the fast execution ability significantly reduces risk and strengthens stability. In 2020, the associated HFT department provided up to 3.3%+ liquidity of BitMex, which alone is 1%+ of the industry.

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