Portal Bridge

BBTC and BBUSD are BTC and USDT on the BounceBit chain. To obtain it you need to deposit BTCB/WBTC/USDT/FDUSD on bouncebit.io

Step 1: Connect the wallet, select the asset and chain you are bridging from, enter the amount you want to bridge and click "Bridge Now" to confirm the transaction.

Step 2: Confirm the spending cap and approval transaction in your wallet.

Step 3: Confirm the bridging transaction.

Congratulations you successfully bridged to BounceBit Chain. You will see the balance in the wallet you used, unless you specified otherwise. Remember to switch to BounceBit Mainnet and add the token to your wallet to see your balance. Check your transaction on bbscan.io!

BBTC (ETH,BSC,BB): 0xF5e11df1ebCf78b6b6D26E04FF19cD786a1e81dC BBUSD (ETH,BSC,BB): 0x77776b40C3d75cb07ce54dEA4b2Fd1D07F865222

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