How to Stake/Unstake BB and BBTC (Delegation)

You can also stake on The process is the same.

Staking on BounceBit is simple. Here's how to begin earning rewards with your BBTC and BB on the BounceBit network:

  1. Navigate to BBScan Stake Page: Begin by selecting the "Stake" option on the menu of BBScan or staking page directly at

  1. Connect Your Wallet: Click on the “Connect Wallet” button.

Select a wallet to connect, and it will request to switch your network to BounceBit if not already on it.

  1. Enter the Amount to Stake: Specify the amount to stake, making sure to leave enough balance to cover transaction fees and avoid a "not enough gas" error.

  1. Confirm the Transaction: Click “Confirm” and wait for the transaction to complete.

  1. Check Your Staked Tokens: Once the transaction is successful, you’ll see that ‘My Stake’ reflects your total staked stBB or stBBTC.


  1. Click on the ‘Unstake’ tab. You’ll see the amount of tokens you have staked. Enter the number of tokens you wish to unstake and click ‘Unstake Request.’ A wallet pop-up will appear — click “Confirm” to proceed.

  1. Claiming Your Unstaked Tokens: After requesting Unstake, hit the ‘Claim’ button. Usually, there’s a 3–5 minute pending period where your unstaked amount will be shown beside ‘Pending amount.’ Once the waiting period is over, the ‘Ready to claim’ indicator will light up. Now, simply click on “Unstake Claim.” Wait for the wallet pop-up and hit “Confirm” to finalize the claim.

Start staking BB/BBTC on BounceBit today and unlock the full potential of your crypto assets! Embrace your staking journey now:

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