Understanding the logistics of the game

Teamwork and Boost Draws

For teams directly invited, a cumulative deposit of 0.1 BTC earns you and your referrer a chance each for a Boost draw. This provides the opportunity for both parties to receive a Swift card, expediting the hourglass time for a single round of use. Additionally, an alternative option is acquiring a Boost card, which comes with extra bonuses for each point claim.

Invitations and Points

When your invites earn points, you are awarded points as well. You receive an additional 10% in credits for your points whenever your invites earn them. As your team completes milestones, you have the chance to obtain more invite codes. Your position on the leaderboard is determined by the total points you accumulate.

Boost Card Tiers

Boost cards come in various tiers offering different levels of bonus points. You can choose to either activate your Boost card for the next point draw or collect it to your backpack.

Swift Cards

Swift cards enable you to expedite progress in the hourglass, moving swiftly to the next round and claiming points sooner. Each Swift card is valid for a single round i.e. each Swift card cannot be used more than once. You can apply up to two Swift cards in each round.

Leaderboard Ranking

The higher the points you accumulate, the higher you'll be positioned on the leaderboards. Points are a direct reflection of your team's performance and invitee activities. Strive to maximize your points through point draws, invitee achievements, and successful use of Boost and Swift cards to climb the leaderboard ranks and potentially unlock exclusive rewards.

Participation Levels and Drawing Potential

Active participation boosts your level within the event. Higher participation levels unlock the potential to earn more points with each draw. Elevate your level through consistent engagement, maximizing your chances to draw higher points and enhance your overall event experience.

Follow the event rules to ensure a rewarding and exciting journey through teamwork, boosts, and leaderboard competition.

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