Testnet FAQ

Q: What is BounceBit Testnet?

A: BounceBit Testnet event will introduce you 3 unique features including:

  • BounceClub: There are two ways to engage with BounceClub. You can either become a BounceClub Owner, responsible for creating and managing clubs, or a BounceClub User, where you join and participate in clubs.

  • Dual-token staking: Stake both $BB (native token) and $BBTC (BounceBit's wrapped Bitcoin).

  • BBScan: Track activities happening on the BounceBit network.

Q: Who can join BounceBit Testnet event?

A: All DeFi enthusiasts are welcome! Whether you're an individual investor, a community influencer, a developer, or just interested in DeFi, you're invited to join us. Come experience BounceClub, BBScan, and dual-token staking first-hand.

Q: How can I join BounceBit Testnet event?

A: To start experiencing BounceClub, BBScan, or Dual-Token staking, you must claim $BB Token by following the steps:

  1. Join our Discord channel: https://t.co/ZzduqwHL9n.

  2. Head to the "โœ…verify-here" channel to get verified

  3. Head to the "๐Ÿšฐtestnet-faucet" channel.

To receive BB: Send !bb [your wallet address] to the channel. To receive BBTC: Send !bbtc [your wallet address] to the channel. Please note that you can only claim $BB once every 24 hours.

To experience BounceClub:

  1. Go to: https://app.bouncebit.io/

  2. Connect your wallet to check your eligibility to claim BounceClub If you are eligible, you can claim BounceClub and start to build your own DeFi space or join any clubs that fit your interests. If you are not eligible, you will have two options to choose from:

  3. If you want to become a BounceClub Owner, you need to deposit at least $10 to be eligible to claim your BounceClub. For more details on how to deposit, please read more here: https://docs.bouncebit.io/user-guides/how-to-create-your-account-early-access

  4. If you want to become BounceClub Users, you are free to browse and join any clubs that fit your interests.

To experience BBScan.

  1. Click "Connect Wallet" and choose MetaMask to link your wallet to the BounceBit Testnet.

  2. Head to the #BBScan Stake page to check your $BB tokens balance. Please make sure that you have claimed $BB tokens.

  3. Enter the amount you want to stake, remembering to keep some for transaction fees.

  4. Click "Confirm" to complete the transaction.

  5. Check your staked tokens in the 'My Stake' section.

  6. To unstake, click 'Unstake', enter the number of tokens, and click 'Unstake Request'. Confirm in MetaMask.

  7. Claim your unstaked tokens after a 3-5 minute pending period by clicking 'Unstake Claim' and confirming in MetaMask.

  8. You're all set! Your staked tokens are now back in your wallet.

Q: How long does Testnet event last?

A: Our Testnet event will end late April. After that, you can experience our Mainnet event.

Q: Are there any rewards for this Testnet event?

A: Sure! We love giving out the rewards for all users to show you how rewarding it is to join BounceBit! By joining our Testnet event as BounceClub Owners, you can win a chance to share a price pool of 6K BounceClub on mainet. This means each of top 6K BounceClub owners that have the highest Total Lock Value (TVL) will receive 1 BounceClub when Mainnet is launched in April.

For BounceClub Users, you can join the club and participate in various community events throughout Testnet duration. We are planning various rewarding events. Stay subscribed to receive mighty rewards from us!

Q: How can I find the invitation code to join Testnet?

A: You can join our Discord channel or follow our KOLs to search for invitation code.

Q: I joined the club, what should I do next?

A: Once you join BounceClub as a user. You can browse various clubs on BounceClub. It could be DeFi, GameFi, or Community. Choose the one that you fancy, and engage with their activities to unlock your earning streams.

Q: I created the club, what should I do next?

A: After you have filled out all the necessary information, begin sharing your club with the community. Encourage users to join your club to increase engagement and earn a higher TVL. The top 6K BounceClub Owners will receive one free BounceClub on the mainnet.

Q: Do I need to deposit to join?

A: BounceBit Testnet is open to all. If you have not been a BounceBit users, you need to get verification code to join early access. You need to deposit at least $10 if you want to claim BounceClub and become the BounceClub owners.

Q: How do I get my assets on Testnet?

A: All assets on Testnet are mirrored from staked assets on BounceBit and @Multibridge with more to follow. The syncing interval is approximately 24 hours.

Q: What are the supported assets for Testnet?

A: On Ethereum chain: WBTC, USDT, Auction, Mubi, and DAII.

On BNB chain: BTCB and FDUSD

2. Technical issues

Q: Can we deposit USDT on BNB chain?

A: No. Choose either Ethereum Network or BNBChain to transfer funds from (The website might request to switch your network in your wallet). Then select the token you want to bridge. On the Ethereum network, supported tokens include WBTC, USDT, Auction, Mubi, and DAII. On BNBChain, the BTCB and FDUSD tokens are exclusively supported.

Q: How can I get the BIT?

A: A BounceClub generates BIT based on the amount & volume of transactions members make within a club.

Q: I encountered the โ€œnot enough gasโ€ although error on MetaMask although my wallet have enough BB for gas, what should I do?

A: Click the network button next to the setting, make sure that your BounceBit Testnet is consistent with the configuration shown here.

  • Network name: BounceBit Testnet

  • New RPC URL: https://fullnode-testnet.bouncebitapi.com

  • Chain ID: 6000

  • Currency symbol: BB

  • Block explorer URL: https://testnet.bbscan.io/

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