Club Member Guide

Club User

As a Club User, you have the freedom to explore the BounceClubs created by others and engage in various Web3 activities to earn yield. Let's walk through how you can participate in BounceClubs as a user.

How to participate in TESTNET BounceClub Event

Prerequisites: First You need Testnet $BB tokens👇

  1. Join BounceBit's official Discord.

  1. Head to the "✅verify-here" channel and verify your account so that you can access all channels.

  2. Once verified, head to the "🚰testnet-faucet" channel and type in this format: !bb (your wallet address). Make sure to follow the format and you'll receive $BB tokens airdropped to your provided wallet address.

Explore Testnet BounceClubs

  1. Connect your wallet and sign in.

  1. Once signed in, you can start freely browsing all available pages and engage in any BounceClub activities that you find interesting!

*Note: If you ever decide that you want to become a BounceClub owner, you can join BounceBit Early Access anytime untill Mainnet Launch in April. Once you join and deposit at least $10 worth of any supported tokens, you'll be eligible to claim your BounceClub retroactively within 24h.

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