How to Deploy on BounceBit Testnet Phase 2

BounceBit Testnet Phase 2 offers developers the chance to get an early experience of deploying on the BounceBit chain by submitting their DApps to be listed on the BounceBit App Store. The BounceBit App Store features both in-house DApps and those developed by our community or external projects. To have your DApp listed, please submit a pull request on our GitHub repository. The BounceBit team will then review and, if approved, list your DApp on the BounceBit App Store. DApps that are listed during Testnet Phase 2 will receive priority consideration for being listed on the Mainnet App Store based on their performance.

Here’s a preview of the onboarding process for developers upon BounceBit Mainnet:

Step 1: Submit Your Application:

  • Developers need to submit a Pull Request (PR) to the BounceBit App Store GitHub Repository. This should include the app's name, description, icon, link, and the smart contract source code for the initial review.

Step 2: Get Whitelisted for Club Creation:

  • Developers must provide a wallet address to be whitelisted for BounceClub creation.

Step 3: Quality Assurance and Testing:

  • Each application is rigorously tested for security, functionality, and user experience to adhere to BounceBit's standards. Developers will receive constructive feedback for any necessary refinements.

Step 4: Deploy Your Smart Contract and Integrate with The BounceClub Ecosystem:

  • Smart Contract Deployment: Once your DApp submission is approved, a BounceBit contract engineer will assist with the secure deployment of your smart contract.

  • Frontend Update: A BounceBit frontend engineer will update your DApp’s information on the BounceClub frontend based on the details you provided.

  • Join the Community: You will be welcomed to the BounceBit developer community where you’ll complete the verification process and connect with a Community Manager (CM) for ongoing support.

  • Potential Deep Integration: Further discussions regarding deep integration will be offered based on the specific needs of each DApp.

The support we’ll provide for successfully listed DApps includes:

  • Marketing Support: The successfully listed DApps will be widely promoted on the BounceClub X account and all of BounceBit’s social channels. Content will include educational resources on the DApps and co-marketing efforts.

  • Performance Analytics Access: Developers will have access to performance metrics and user engagement analytics to keep track of their DApps’ performance.

  • User Feedback Collection: User feedback will be collected through Telegram channels, providing developers with real-time insights for app enhancements.

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