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How to apply for BTC Yield Generation

This guide will walk you through the process of getting access to delta-neutral investment options on your BTC.
BounceBit's infrastructure secures user funds via Mainnet Digital’s regulated custody while retaining transparent on-chain asset traceability through Ceffu’s MirrorX integration. This CeFi foundation not only mitigates any compliance issues but also provide yield generation opportunities via delta neutral Funding Rate Arbitrage. This feature is a premium feature reserved for users that deposit at least 1 BTCB on BounceBit, and then apply for a whitelist. Before following this guide make sure that you have connected your wallet
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    Deposit a minimum of 0.1 BTCB onto BounceBit. For this step, please follow this guide: How to Deposit, and select BNBChain as network and BTCB as the token you want to transfer. To learn how to get BTCB from Binance, check out this guide: How to Get BTCB from Binance.
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    Navigate to If you have successfully deposited more than 1 BTCB you will see a Premium tab. Click on Apply For It.
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    Once you click on Apply For It, a form will pop up. Please fill it out and then wait for approval. This might take up to 48 hours.
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    Once your application is accepted, you’ll see the option to join BounceBit Staking Earn Program. First you’re required to sign the Agreements acknowledging that you’ve read and understood the risk disclosure statement.
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    Then you’ll be able to see different providers of Funding Rate Arbitrage. Pick the strategy that fits your needs and click “Stake” to specify your staking amount.