Web3 Quest - Deposit & Withdrawal

To get a Web3 Bonus and Web3 Quest Multiplier you need to complete our quest. To be eligible you have to deposit at least 0.0001 BTCB to BounceBit through the Binance App. Make sure you withdraw a little bit more than 0.0001 BTCB to cover the withdrawal fee from Binance, which is paid in BTCB. We recommend withdrawing at least 0.000111 BTCB.

How to Deposit to BounceBit Through Binance Web3 Wallet?

  1. Ensure you have enough BNB for the gas fee.

  2. Click “Join now” via Binance Web3 Wallet.

  3. Select "BNB Chain" as your network.

  4. Enter the amount of BTCB to deposit.

  5. The first transaction approves your spending cap on BTCB with BounceBit.

  6. The second transaction deposits your BTCB into BounceBit.

How to Withdraw from BounceBit Through Binance Web3 Wallet?

  1. Unstake Tokens: Start the withdrawal process by unstaking your BTCB on BounceBit.

  2. Cooldown Period: Wait approximately 18 days during the closing position process. Note that no yield will be generated during this period.

  3. Claim Tokens: Once the cooldown period is over and the tokens are ready, you’ll be able to claim your tokens.

  4. Withdraw to Wallet: You can withdraw the desired amount to your Binance Web3 Wallet.

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