🔶Binance Megadrop

This set of guides includes everything you need to know to participate in the BB Megadrop on Binance.

What is Binance Megadrop?

Binance Megadrop is a new token launch platform that seamlessly integrates Binance Simple Earn and the Binance Web3 Wallet, reinventing the airdrop experience. Megadrop grants users early access to select Web3 projects before they are listed on Binance.This unique combination of engagement, education and reward positions Megadrop as an unparalleled interactive experience within both Binance and the broader crypto ecosystem.

Who can participate in Megadrop?

Please note that you need to be from an eligible jurisdiction to participate in Megadrop. Please refer to the Megadrop announcement for the list of restricted countries and regions.For example, if you’re unable to use Binance Earn but can access Binance Web3 Wallet, you may still participate by completing Web3 quests. Similarly, if you’re unable to use Binance Web3 Wallet but can use Binance Earn, you may subscribe your BNB to Locked Products to accumulate score.Please note that the list of excluded countries provided is not exhaustive and may be subject to changes due to evolving local rules, regulations, or other considerations. The list may be updated periodically to accommodate changes in legal, regulatory, or other factors.

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