Club Creator Guide

Club Creators

Creating a BounceClub within the BounceBit ecosystem is a journey of innovation and creativity, offering a range of opportunities for users to conveniently craft their own decentralized applications. Hereโ€™s a comprehensive guide to obtaining and setting up your BounceClub:

Claim your BounceClub on TESTNET

Prerequisites: You must have participated in Early Access (Water Margin TVL Event). Early Access is open till Mainnet Launch in April. Once you join and deposit at least $10 worth of any supported tokens, you'll be eligible to claim your BounceClub retroactively within 24h.

You also need Testnet BB tokens:

  1. Join BounceBit's official Discord.

  1. Head to the "โœ…verify-here" channel and verify your account so that you can access all channels.

  2. Once verified, head to the "๐Ÿšฐtestnet-faucet" channel and type in this format: !bb (your wallet address). Make sure to follow the format and you'll receive $BB tokens airdropped to your provided wallet address.

After you got your BB coins and joined Early Access, you can proceed:

  1. Connect your wallet and sign in

  2. Scroll down and check if you are eligible

  1. Click on 'Create Club'

  2. Choose either 'Project Club' or 'Social Club' (currently Testnet only support project clubs)

  1. Upload an avatar, give your club a name and give it a brief introduction

  1. Confirm the transaction in your wallet

Congratulations, you successfully created your club! Now you can add more customization by adding a banner, About section, twitter links, Team and more.

Climb the leaderboard!

Adding Apps to Your BounceClub:

For more details on how to add each of the various DApps offered to your BounceClub, check out our step-by-step tutorials.

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